Onion Routed Cloud is a decentralized, anonymous, storage and publishing platform designed to protect investigative journalists and their sources.

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ORC is a volunteer run storage and publishing network that protects journalists from surveillance and puts them in control of their data.

For Activists

Organize safely and effectively by preventing adversaries from monitoring your efforts and protect each other's identities.

For Journalists

Protect your sources by sharing files securely and anonymously, then publish without risk of censorship from governments or internet service providers.

For Friends

Keep what's between friends just between friends. Share photos, videos, and documents with people you trust.


ORC protects the privacy of users through the use of end to end encryption of communication and encryption of all data both at rest and in transit. Both file pieces and their associated metadata are fully encrypted and the hosts have zero knowledge of their content or their association with other file pieces.

ORC coordinates peers over the Tor network using the latest version of hidden services. This means that all peers are location anonymous and never leave the Tor network. File pieces are aggressively replicated and placed in different sections of the network so there is no single point of failure.

The best way to help us protect journalists and their sources is to run an ORC server. You can run one at home or on a VPS provider of your choice. If you want to get involved in another way, join our team on Keybase.

Get Started

ORC Desktop

Discover, download, backup, share, and publish content privately and anonymously. The ORC desktop application for Linux and macOS is the easiest way to make use of the ORC network. You'll also be helping the network while you are running it and contributing to a social good!

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ORC Server

Help support the backbone of the network by running an ORC server. You'll be storing, replicating, and serving encrypted file shards anonymously and with zero-knowledge. In addition, you'll be able to upload and download files on the network using your server's web application and API via Tor Browser.

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