Every year dozens of journalists, activists, and political dissidents are killed in their pursuit of sharing the truth and exposing injustice. Dead Canaries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to protecting human rights through technology, advocacy, and direct action.

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  • Onion Routed Cloud

    ORC is a distributed, anonymous, storage and publishing platform designed to protect journalists and their sources. The network is operated by volunteers around the world.

  • Kadence Framework

    Kadence is a software framework for building secure and resilient distributed systems. It's a free and open source software project that powers a number of production networks, including ORC.

  • Diglet

    Diglet is a fully encrypted reverse HTTPS tunnel server and client. It enables users to punch through restrictive firewalls to expose a local HTTP(S) service to the internet.

  • Granax

    Granax is a software library that implements the Tor Control Protocol. It allows developers to easily build software that uses the Tor network to protect the privacy and identity of their users.

  • HSv3

    HSv3 is a simple command line program that eliminates the complexity of configuring Tor hidden services. It enables users to establish ad-hoc hidden services with one simple command.

Our projects are also available on Docker Hub for simplified installation.


Want to get involved or have a project that fits our mission? Drop us an email!